Are you curious about Judaism? Contemplating conversion? Wondering what exactly makes someone Jewish? Well you’re in the right place. Join me on my journey.

Hi there. I am not Jewish yet. But I want to be.

I felt I needed to write this to share my experience of converting to Judaism, now that I’ve finally decided to take the plunge.

Why read this?

  • Because you are contemplating converting and have questions, so many questions…
  • You’re interested in what it means to be Jewish explained from the point of view of someone who is not Jewish.
  • You want to understand how exactly Jews can live without bacon.

I plan on writing a series of posts about my personal perspective on my conversion journey, how I feel, what I learn, what is expected of me and how all of this affects me and and my family. I aim to give you a first hand perspective of exactly what the process of conversion requires and what it offers.

I will probably be writing about a whole range of other things that interest me related to my conversion journey. Things like food, parenting, spirituality, food, language, history, family, nature and food.

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Starting my conversion to Judaism...

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