No I’m not converting for marriage

I think converting for love is admirable… Photo by @amandamocci

I’ve been married to my Jewish husband for 5 years. We had a beautiful secular wedding that was exactly what we both wanted. A gorgeous day.

There is stigma attached to converting to Judaism for love or marriage. It is traditionally seen as a less than ideal reason for conversion. As though changing your identity as a person for another person isn’t a huge commitment in itself. If you love someone because of their Jewishness, it would naturally follow that you have some emotional affinity for their background.

If you were even contemplating becoming Jewish you would almost certainly be aware of the uncomfortable reality of being affiliated with one of the world’s minority religions, after all, just 0.18% of the world is Jewish, compared to 29.8% Christian and 24.6% Muslim.

Besides, aren’t we all converting for love? Love of another person, love of the religion, love of the Jewish community?

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Starting my conversion to Judaism...

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