My first Shabbat dinner

Challah, nom. Photo by @evgenit

My first experience of a Shabbat dinner was at my husband’s cousins’ place quite early in our relationship.

By now I knew a few things about what it meant to be Jewish. I had been briefed on the fact that there were blessings and candle lighting and a slap-up meal, although dairy with meat wouldn’t be happening, there would probably be brisket.

I was of course a bit nervous because I hadn’t met much of his family before now. They were lovely of course, although clearly just as hesitant as me about how I was going to handle this new experience. I don’t think they associated with terribly many non-Jewish people to be honest.

The whole experience left me with several questions:

  • Why does my husband like gefilte fish?
  • Why would anyone eat chopped liver?
  • Why would anyone miss chopped liver enough to make a vegetarian version? Although I can see the similarities in texture between mushrooms and liver to be fair…
  • Where have Israeli pickles been all my life?
  • Why do I feel as though I have finally come home?

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