My first time inside a synagogue

It wasn’t this fancy, photo by @struvictoryart

It might seem a bit weird but before I decided to convert I had never been inside a synagogue. Going in to a Shabbat morning service for the first time I had the distinct impression I had bitten off more than I could chew.

I of course got 20 questions from the security out the front. A very stark reminder that there are many people who hate Jews and that fear of actual physical violence is never far from the collective Jewish consciousness.

I avoided serious scrutiny from the congregation by coming in after the service had started. This was deliberate as I had my very active toddler with me and was trying not to be too obvious.

I was struck by several things as I walked in. Firstly, that there was a very welcome collection of toys and other distractions up the back of the synagogue itself (the sanctuary), and second that the congregation was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. I surprised myself how awkward and shy I felt. Everything was modern and calm and the stained glass have an aura of authority and solemnity.

The service today was a child-oriented one, where the kids get to be a part of the Torah procession, and are given the Torah silverware to carry. My toddler mainly enjoyed attempting to chomp on the keter, (Torah toppers) much to my chagrin

The Rabbi was impressive in her commitment, intelligence and compassion that she displayed in her sermon. I am now looking forward to starting the conversion classes and reading, hopefully next time I come I will feel a bit less out of place.

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Starting my conversion to Judaism...

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