Actually a crescent moon, doesn’t completely capture.

So tonight I was all set to write a post on what I’m starting to read and what I’ve already read (Milton Steinberg’s Basic Judaism, Anita Diamant).

However, then I happened to look up and see this amazing orange crescent moon, which really brought back into focus why I’m really writing this blog.

You don’t need another reading list. Good lists of brilliant books are easy to find. I’m sure I’ll be accumulating a bookshelf’s worth soon…

I find myself contemplating exactly how this conversion process is going to impact me. My mother will probably be slightly bemused but supportive, she knows that I’ve been learning some Hebrew and doing some reading so it probably won’t be a surprise.

How much will I need to change myself? Are there aspects of my identity that I have to give up, aside from the dietary ones? On the dietary question, how kosher will I need to be to be accepted by the community? Why is kashrut such a huge deal?

What about the whole God thing? Up until now I have maintained the belief that there is some intangible cosmic force connecting the natural world and all life (insert Star Wars joke here). Will I be unable to reconcile my true beliefs about the reality of the universe with the Jewish idea of God?

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Starting my conversion to Judaism...

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