My first conversion class

There is an unending array of books on Judaism. Photo by @henry_be

Walking into the small library I was immediately struck by the sheet number of books. Which is always a good thing. Just so many books on Judaism and the Jewish experience. The people of the book indeed.

Slowly about 8 people trickled in, all of us in various stages of the yearly cycle of the class and all of us there for one of two reasons.

There were a significant proportion of us there for the goal of conversion, there were 3 from the same family even. There were several others who were already Jewish, but wanted to learn more about their heritage and religion.

Over the course of the year we would learn about the holy-days, Jewish life, Jewish death, history, customs, you name it. Learning Hebrew was something that was not formally taught, but that we need to learn through other avenues, which surprised me somewhat.

I wasn’t too sure how we were going to cover all the source material in the space of a 2 hour lesson once a week but it quickly became obvious that the classes were more a solidification of the week’s reading rather than didactic teaching, which was a bit more logical.

I’ve finished one of the books already, a very good starting place, will post a bit more about what I’ve got in my ever-expanding to-read list.

A bit daunting to think I’ll need to learn Hebrew on my own. There’s not a whole lot of classes around, one of the challenges of having a small Jewish population around I guess.

I am looking forward to the challenge of learning to read Hebrew, more on that soon…

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Starting my conversion to Judaism...

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