Tu B’Shvat

Birthday of trees. Photo by @lianamikah

The year of the trees begins on the 15th Shvat (tu B’Shvat). Personally I’m a huge fan of trees and think that this festival is a great idea.

This holiday has it’s own seder. When I first heard that I figured it was a modern convention, but it’s actually the Kabbalists who invented it centuries ago.

The seder involves eating various types of fruit symbolic of aspects of the relationship between God and humanity. It also involves drinking 4 glasses of wine, which also symbolise each season.

Originally this holiday was used to mark when the year for tithing fruit to the temple would change over. Now it is used as a time to plant trees (particularly in Israel) and celebrate nature and our connection with it.

I think this is one of the most promising holidays, for me personally as well. We love being in nature, I personally can’t stand being stuck inside, being outside means that I’m truly ‘out of office’.

I would love to honour this holiday with a new tradition. A family picnic, special dinner, planting new trees, helping preserve our local environment. This year, it will be pouring with rain, which for our trees will be a long-awaited birthday present.

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