Yay for Facon!

Was dubious initially…

So I’ve been browsing the Kosher section… of those supermarkets in my city that have them.. and came across this little beauty.

I was very dubious. I had previously been told that brisket fat well-cooked was known as ‘Jewish Bacon’.

I disagreed.

This stuff however, was amazing! I can also heartily recommend turkey bacon, but it tastes more like ham than bacon, made a great quiche with it.

I am looking forward to more Facon in my life ..

There seems to be a great tradition of Jews having all these dietary restrictions (although it’s not really a restriction if you feel it brings you closer to holiness) but of also having clever ways to get around them

For example; using kosher baking powder to produce a cake that rises during Pesach, when products that maybe could potentially rise and become leavened are forbidden. Facon probably falls into this category really, but it’s not really any different to anyone else with dietary restrictions.

Then there seems to be the other extreme, where the original restriction has been broadened to include other things. The prohibition against mixing meat and milk was based on the line in the Torah that prohibits a kid being boiled in its mother’s milk. Obviously chickens don’t produce milk, and several populations of Jews around the world did in fact traditionally mix poultry with dairy.

Will have to figure out how much kashrut will work for my family and me…

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