Starting to learn Hebrew

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Daunting but fun..

Where to start?

The internet, obvs.. Everyone learns better in different ways. There are several great videos on YouTube I have been using. They give you the letter and how to draw it and so on.

Also just simply drawing the letters over and over again (and make sure you learn both block and script, script is VERY different looking!). There has to be an element of rote learning in this, there is no way around that. I have got some flash cards so we’ll see how they go.

There aren’t a lot of classes around that I can access. Some of the people in my conversion class have been trialling some online courses, with mixed success so far. There are face to face classes at one of the universities but they cost a lot of money.

I am hoping to learn to speak some Modern Hebrew in all of this as well. But first, better start with the basics.

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Starting my conversion to Judaism...

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