Why do I have to learn Hebrew?

Because it is an integral part of what links all Jews

It is an essential part of the conversion process. Depending on your congregation you may have to learn a little or a lot.

You can’t really want to convert without learning to read the central text of Judaism. The Torah does not have transliteration. You can’t have a Hebrew name and not know how to spell it.

The language is a huge part of the Jewish identity. The extreme importance of learning and education is probably a large part of what has kept the Jewish people from facing away. That and chutzpah. Love that word.

Jews are not a race, but they are a people, or a faith community, however your want to define it. All peoples have their own language in order to express their culture, their learned behaviour.

It really is also remarkable that Hebrew has been revived as a spoken language, I find that really quite extraordinary.

Now I need to figure out how to properly pronounce some of these letters… I’ve been told it’s like coughing up phlegm from the back of your throat! Yech.

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