Why Judaism? Why not another religion?

You’ll probably say ‘because her husband is Jewish’. In a way you’d be right because I wouldn’t have been introduced to Judaism in such a personal way if I hadn’t met him, and not meeting him is not a concept that warrants consideration.

However he was not and is not religious. My exploration of Judaism and Jewish culture was at my own behest. One of the questions the Rabbi asks you at one point is why this religion, why not something less likely to cause you hassles?

To be perfectly honest, the whole story of Jesus never quite ‘jelled’ with me. I did kind of give up religion entirely when I was 10.

My husband describes my attitude to religion when we met as ‘militant atheist’. I’m not going to deny that either.

Since that first Shabbat dinner however, there was never any other choice for me. There are 3 things that I have been absolutely certain of in my life. One is my chosen career, one is marrying my husband, and the other is that I was always meant to be Jewish.

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Starting my conversion to Judaism...

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