Taking on a Jewish identity

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It is a fairly unique kind of way to enter a community. Not only am I looking to enter a religious community, but also take on a new personal identity, affecting nearly every aspect of my life.

I feel pretty secure in my sense of identity at the moment. I have a great job, a great family, I get on with my mother-in-law. So I don’t feel that my personal identity really needs any alteration. It will though, as being identified as Jewish will mean that many new challenges will present themselves.

I come into this with the intention that my conversion will add to my existence. That it will fulfill the spiritual part of my existence that was lacking. There are however practical considerations that will need to be addressed.

For example, my Saturdays will look different, how much different I have yet to decide. My dining habits have already started to change, I’m not eating pork, shellfish or other forbidden foods any more, not that giving up insects was a stretch.

There are also a lot of Jewish holidays, which often fall at awkward times of the year for work. I want my daughter to be involved in her new community as well, small as it is, and will need to work out how to integrate her more as well.

The main aspect of all of this of that I need to prove to my community that I am committed to this path. They need to accept that I am genuine, have adequate knowledge and am dedicated to a Jewish way of life in order to accept me as a Jew.

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Starting my conversion to Judaism...

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