Living Jewishly – Part 1

What does it mean to me to live Jewishly, practically speaking?

Celebrating the holidays, definitely. Attending shul (Yiddish for school btw) I find rejuvenating and it would be nice to go on a semi-regular basis for my personal delight and spiritual satisfaction.

Raising my daughter as an Australian Jew, absolutely. Hiddur mitzvah, something I embrace instinctively and goes well with my natural love of shopping for pretty things…

Tzedakah, absolutely, donating financially is something my family had always done and I’ve been donating to select causes for years so not a stretch.

Love of the natural world, active enhancement of our native land is something that urgently needs attention given the millions of hectares of bush that has been irreparablely damaged. Reforestation of our land decimated by years of human-led harm needs to happen.

Cooking large amounts of food, tick, being overzealous with feeding daughter, yes a tick for that too…

It means standing up and calling out hatred of minorities, including hatred of Jews masquerading as other things. It means giving my daughter the strength and tools to see her heritage as the blessing it is as well as being a true Australian.

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Starting my conversion to Judaism...

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