Living Jewishly – Part 2

It means learning how to make challah! I am not good at baking bread, that’s for sure. Will need help with that.

It means learning how to do Pesach properly at home, and going to second night seder at synagogue. It means supporting Israel as an ancestral sanctuary, but not necessarily supporting everything about Israeli policies.

Another large component of incorporating mitzvot into our lives. Some are easy, Shabbat dinners at home with all the blessings before the meal for example. Other mitzvot take more work, eating only ethically sourced meat is expensive but is one of the goals. Eating more vegetarian meals is an easy goal to achieve as well.

What about other rituals like sitting Shiva? Will I do it for my non-Jewish family? I talk about mitzvot, but IV haven’t even read them yet! How can I incorporate more jewels when I don’t even know what they look like?

Creating a Jewish home, books, ritual items, Jewish items of beauty, having a mezuzah (I really want one of these at least), the family Tanakh (a very nice one if I do say so), our Shabbat observance (no shopping, lots of parks), our holiday observance and how we share it with our extended family.

Learning and singing Jewish holiday songs with my daughter. Teaching her the aleph-bet. Supporting local Jewish businesses. Reading Jewish news.

I realise writing all this down just how many different aspects of Jewish life I have already started to incorporate into my life, and this has really helped me to start to feel like a Jew.

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Starting my conversion to Judaism...

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