I think that observing Shabbat is less about exactly what you do or don’t do, and more about that way you do it.

Following every rule for strict Shabbat observance was obviously never going to be for me. I don’t respond well to externally-imposed rules generally. Besides, outside of the military, strict regulation of your every move (particularly with kids) is pretty much impossible. That said, a regular rhythm is more instinctively easy to follow, like the beating of a heart.

It is lovely to have the routine of the blessings for the welcoming of Shabbat. I particularly am enamored of the blessing for children, something that my husband was not even aware existed but is one of the highlights for me of my Shabbat experience.

I am trying to cook something interesting or one of our particular favourite meals for Shabbat, and would like to make Friday the night we have dessert (we’re not really dessert every night kind of people). I am also trying to go to synagogue semi-regularly.

Aside from that I try to focus on Shabbat being a family day and doing that thing I love best, being outdoors. Being outdoors to be is the most un-work thing you can do. That which gives me the best sense of being free.

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