Why do people hate Jews?

Most people I know would, I suspect, know very little about Jews. I know I did before I met one (well first knowingly met one anyway). They don’t eat pork and were an often hated minority was all I really knew.

It is always easy to transfer responsibility for your problems to someone else. It is a natural defence mechanism of humans, it helps us avoid guilt and save face socially, both very strong instincts. In top of that we instinctively fear that which is not like us.

Jews are easy to hate. There isn’t many of them (only 0.18% of the world is Jewish) and they will often dress, speak and eat differently. Well traditionally anyway. The religion is also very much against violence of any kind, and peace is a central theme (Shalom means peace).

Seems like a great recipe for a scapegoat. Couple that with a people with a communal identity but no nation willing to back them up and you’ve got a great target for your fear and anger.

When people are angry and scared, they will always direct that negativity somewhere. Unless they are given the tools to better their own lives and the understanding to alleviate their ignorance, people will always blame others for their problems.

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