Joined the choir!

So I’ve joined the choir at synagogue. Again, felt obviously an outsider at rehearsal, but hey, I am!

I have been thinking about joining a choir for years as I like singing. I have performed at several big name venues, such as ‘Car On The Way To Work’ and ‘The Shower’.

I will be singing in the choir for Purim, which is at least the most rowdy of the holidays. The pictures of Jews passed out in the street from drunkenness are a bit surreal. It looks more like something I’d see in the local news. Seriously, getting so drunk you can’t tell friend from foe is apparently a mitzvah.

The choir is for me the epitome of community involvement. Singing with strangers means losing a piece of that self-consciousness that we always carry around. Particularly when you they sing in Hebrew and none of the subject matter is more than passingly familiar to you.

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