My first Pesach at home

Yes that’s a glass, not a vase..

Had second night Pesach with my synagogue via video link. It was lovely, although somewhat hard to sing along when the audio dropped out.

In a way it gave me a chance to try cooking for Pesach a bit earlier than I otherwise would have given I’m in the process of converting. Unfortunately my lovely Seder plate (and all my vases) were still in storage. Finding the afikomen (the bit of matzah you hide) was fun for my toddler though.

No I didn’t try making gefilte fish. That’s not something I’m intending to do anytime soon. The Italian charoset recipe was very nice though. Brisket worked too. Was lower pressure for me in a way because I only needed to cook for the immediate family.

I love Pesach. A true sense of connectedness and family comes out. It is at its heart a very conscious insertion of history and tradition into the here and now. The Seder is the thread of the past that is woven into the current. It is important that it reflects contemporary life, and to presume it has been immutable is a bit naive. It is the most widely celebrated holiday though, perhaps because it represents the best opportunity of all the festivals to truly feel connected to the flow of life throughout time.

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