The Messiah in Judaism

Perfecting the world. Photo by @mfassphotos

Obviously one of the big differences between Christianity and Judaism is the fact that only one of them believes that a Jew called Jesus was the Messiah.

The main reason for this is that in Judaism the Messiah will not arrive until the world has been perfected. What route we take to reach that perfection varies depending on your view point. There are Jews who spend all their spare energy getting other Jews to perform mitzvot, because when a certain number of mitzvot have been performed, the world will be perfected.

Many Jews actively work towards perfecting the world, or at least righting its wrongs and injustices. I really admire that the pursuit of social justice and equality is such a strong focus in Judaism. That’s not to say it’s not in other religions as well.

Some Jews believe that the actual Messiah will come at some point. Others believe more in a messianic age. Shabbat is supposed to be a taste of this perfect world.

Hope is a necessary part of the human experience. Hope for a better world drives many people to do exceptional things. I personally totally agree with the idea that you must not sit idly by and wait for a perfect world to come to you, that the only way to achieve it is by action.

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