End of Judaism

Internal division. Highly likely that this will expedite the downfall of Judaism. The level of disrespect and lack of empathy seen amongst the different denominations can be extreme. Everyone knows that this antipathy is in direct conflict with the underlying tenets of Judaism, but pride overrides this anyway.

The different denominations are here to stay, denying this delays our capacity for growth and increased strength.

Besides there has always been different streams throughout the ages.

From an outside perspective, to 99% of the world, if someone calls themselves a Jew, then they’re a Jew. The fact is that we are a tiny proportion of the world, and that survival should always be paramount.

I get the immense pride in perpetuating the Judaism of our ancestors and it is an admirable goal and deeply spiritually satisfying.

Those who scapegoat and hate Jews however, do not give a fig about who follows traditional halakha the most stringently.

Those who hate us are laughing at us and our internal division.

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