Going back to shul

So many converts will have spent the majority of the last 1.5 years cut off from their chosen community. Reading through material without any other converts around to ask seemingly silly questions. Contemplating how on earth they could ever possibly understand all the intricacies of kashrut let alone follow the majority of them. It must have been a very lonely time, with the goal of joining the Jewish people even further away. It has also not been a good time for Jewish communities around the world for other reasons.

My synagogue has just started having in person services again. I am cautiously excited about being back. I completed my conversion in January 2020, just before COVID really got going, which I am very grateful for in a way.

Going forward our community is going to need all the help it can get. So many will be disaffected and disconnected. Life has been interrupted, so many B’nai Mitzvot (correct plural?) have had celebrations cancelled, weddings delayed. Then there was the severe wave of anti-Semitism that would have helped further distance those who were on the margins of being actively Jewish. Although I hope the positive aspects of being an online community will remain for those who saw increased connection in this period.

I am grateful to be able to start to reconnect with that most central part of being Jewish, the community. The wonder and sense of home coming I felt with my conversion has not changed, it has just been waiting patiently below the surface.

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Starting my conversion to Judaism...

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