Holidays in the Southern Hemisphere

Although not quite as ridiculous as pine trees covered in snow in 40°C weather, Jewish Holidays are not in sync with their intended seasons.

Pesach, that joyful celebration of the arrival of spring and the freedom of the Hebrews from Egypt, is in autumn. Late the same season is Shavuot, which of course is partly meant to be a harvest festival as well as a celebration of revelation. Sukkot is spring, when the nights are still cool, not warmed by the lingering summer.

Hannukah particularly is really not at the right time for fried foods, being in our summer. Traditional scenes of snow-covered windows glowing with the lights of the hanukiyah are not in evidence, especially when it’s still light until very late.

Tu B’Shvat is nice to have in the summer if it’s been a wet summer as it was last year, but when the greenery is crispy from extreme heat it’s hard to evoke tree-planting season. It seems appropriate though that Tisha B’Av takes place in midwinter rather than midsummer…

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