Hanukkah 5782

It seems everyone this year is getting into Hanukkah in a big way, all the local synagogues are throwing huge parties. I would suspect that they are super keen to get everyone back to shul after all the lockdowns. I don’t blame them, there are likely to be many people who have drifted away as online services are just not the same. Being physically present with others in the community, not to mention the singing, can never be adequately replaced with online gatherings.

We have put up some lights in our house, I’m starting a new tradition of buying a new light every year…well… maybe only until there are so many that they start to keep us up at night…

I have a plan to make different flavours of latke, thinking parsnip and sweet potato to start with. I like sunflower oil because it’s very neutral and has a high smoke point. I think the sufganiyot are going to bought though.

I look forward to the rededication of my life to Judaism, to move forward into the secular new year with renewed faith and determination to further Jewish causes.

Now to buy a present for my daughter. Hmm. Husband can just have a plate of latkes….

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Starting my conversion to Judaism...

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